Our team development training is focused on the provision of key skills that help you to work in unity as one cohesive unit.

When team morale is high, it is a proven fact that efficiency and performance increase. With this in mind it’s easy to see why corporate training and team building can play an important role in the long-term strategy of your company. By working together through engaging and fun activities, your team will learn to challenge and test themselves. 


We remind your teams how important it is to work as an effective unit, and what positive impact this has to not only themselves but also to the success of the company. Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people who are all going in the same direction striving to achieve mission success together.


We create an environment that encourages teamwork, trust, team spirit, communication, as well as an unwavering focus.

Imagine a world where your team communicates and everyone from the top down understands the company strategy and implements it with pride and passion. We use military approaches, themes, and training techniques to help you align your business strategy with your teams through fun but challenging reality-based team building programs which are designed to engage and unite everyone participating, where unity and teamwork are key to your growth.


Team building and team engagement activities.


Reality based team missions in pressurized environments.


Team fundamentals workshops, seminars, and teamwork talks.


Leading from the front through activity based learning.


Team Planning Exercises (PLANEX) for strategic thinking and solutions.

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Whether you are wanting to have a fun team-building day at the office, or if you are wanting to truly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the team, our PLANEX is for you. Your team will be put under considerable pressure as they work together during this time sensitive team challenge. Every minute matters during this intense and thought provoking activity that is designed to push your team to their mental limits. Your team’s attention to detail, communication, prioritizing, and decision making skills will be tested during our PLANEX activity. While working with your team in the office, your hearts (and minds) will be racing by the end of it. Will you and your team make the right decisions? Or will it end in mission fail?

Prior to the start, we will hold a briefing of the task at hand. Then, divided into teams of 3-4 people, you will be given your assignment along with 45-minutes to work through its objectives. After the 45-minutes have passed, our proctor will lead a debrief of the PLANEX results through a discussion based format that will facilitate both learning and growth for all participants. This PLANEX will benefit your team by enhancing their teamwork, communication, strategic thinking, and thought processing abilities. We are confident your team has never experienced anything like this before. With an assortment of PLANEX's, we are able to host half and full day events with a focus solely on PLANEX tasks for your team to take on.

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Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people moving in the same direction working towards the same shared goal, and striving to achieve mission success: Together. When you come to Development Group Five, you’ll be a part of something unique and special, testing yourself and each other while you work through an array of stretching mental and physical challenges.


You’ll feel an enormous sense of pride and purpose as you progress through the tasks presented to you, and find that inner strength to not only push yourself, but your team too. That’s where you’ll excel. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, in shape or out of shape – everyone enjoys activities that are fun and interesting and at DG5 you’ll feel an increased sense of belonging and get the chance to interact.

Development Group Five

When it comes to developing business teams, we focus on a collective team spirit that is all about team engagement and interaction, solving problems and identifying solutions to achieve mission success. 

Engagement and interaction are key to individual, team, department and company success, so we give you the platform to build on and excel in all that you do together, to work as a tight knit unit where collaborating to achieve mission success is your goal.


Why our group discussions and team think tanks are benefiting many, as companies focus on team integration for achieving mission success.

Our staff will lead you and your team through an eye-opening positive discussion where rank and title will be put aside and the focus will be on team growth, improvement, and reconnecting. Strategizing how to overcome various obstacles in your organization, addressing various challenges to work through, facing challenges individually and as a team, as well as striving for team unity, are all essential components for teams to operate at maximum efficiency in today's world.

From the battlefield to the boardroom, we have been a part of and led teams across the globe and worked with many in the private sector to help them achieve their goals when it comes to team effectiveness. Reach out to us for a no obligation chat where we will happily answer any questions that you may have and how our group discussions / think tanks, will benefit you, your team, or company.

Ask yourself these key questions regarding your team's effectiveness:

1. Is your team aligned in its goal of achieving results on a consistent basis?

2. Can your team communicate openly and freely with one another?

3. How healthy is your team's climate?
4. Does your team often think outside of the box?
5. What three areas would you say your team is lacking?
6. Does each member of your team have the ability to effectively problem solve?

7. Is your team inspired by the purpose and mission of your organization?