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Born and raised on a tough housing estate in the North East of England, Glen Burton decided to leave behind the disruptive crowd he was hanging with and the comfort zone he was living in. With little interest in school, he made the decision to join the Army at 16-years old. Spending the next 10-years in an elite Infantry unit, Glen participated in a number of operational deployments and training exercizes around the world, taking onboard key life lessons as a professional soldier. ​ Upon leaving the military in April 2000, Glen pursued a career in the global security industry and soon found his passion and purpose in the private sector. With a focus on close/executive protection, Glen worked his way up to become one of the most highly sought after consultants and has one of the most impressive resumes within this field. Having spent two decades as an operator and leader, Glen has managed and led protective operations in over 120-countries for high net worth families, high level corporate executives, as-well as international royalty.

During his career in this field, Glen has been immersed in poverty stricken environments, has participated in international humanitarian efforts, been shot at multiple times, avoided kidnap in South-East Asia, been responsible for one of the world's top private sector rescue missions following a major terror attack, and was wrongly accused of kidnapping a baby from Africa for a celebrity. He has been a trusted and reliable resource for distinguished individuals and families the world over. Through his experiences gained around the world while working with some of the most influential business leaders, Glen has developed a uniquely creative mindset which allows him to be completely dedicated and focused in all that he does. With his Performance, Motivation, Mindset mantra, his goal is not only to share his knowledge and experiences, but to give others the platform and tools to succeed in life and business. As a highly regarded mentor and coach, Glen is committed to helping others become the best that they can be in all that they do.

Glen Burton - Founder & CEO

Glen Burton - Founder & CEO

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