Woodchase Park Community Event with DEVGROUP FIVE and Lemonade Day!

Updated: 7 days ago

On Friday, July 8th, Development Group Five partnered with Lemonade Day and Woodchase Park for an evening of fun!

As part of Woodchase Park’s summer movie night series, residents from surrounding neighborhoods came out to watch a free movie in the park accompanied by food trucks, popcorn stands, and even a youth run lemonade stand. Development Group Five and Lemonade Day partnered together to put on a fantastic event prior to the start of the movie where families and friends could take on our Point to Point mission and register for Lemonade Day!

Kids, families, and friends of all ages got to participate in an evening full of fun while they worked through Point to Point (a scavenger hunt), which spanned across the entire area of Woodchase Park. The mission was designed so families and friends could choose to race against each other or work as a team to find letters hidden throughout the park to unravel a secret codeword. Children and adults were dashing across the park as they solved riddles and clues that would take them to their next location. There were plenty of smiles, enthusiasm, and teamwork from the friends, siblings, and families that came out!

The first 50 participants who completed the scavenger hunt and had assembled the proper codeword were given various prizes and were entered into a drawing to win additional prizes which were handed out prior to the start of the movie, Raya and the Last Dragon.

The evening was a wonderful success and surely one to remember. Participants who completed the scavenger hunt were left with the takeaway to believe. 'Whether it is in school, sports, running a lemonade stand, working with others, being a leader, or anything else, believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable!'

At Development Group Five, we aim to create lasting positive impacts on the community, and we feel that is exactly what we did on Friday night for the children and families that came out. We are thankful to have worked with Lemonade Day and Woodchase Park for this community event, and look forward to partnering with them for more events in the future as well!

If you are interested in Development Group Five coming to one of your community events to host a mission, motivational talk, or other service please reach out via contact form on our website or send an email to info@devgroupfive.com.

What is Lemonade Day?

Lemonade Day is a nationwide non-profit organization that teaches children financial literacy and entrepreneurship through a lemonade stand! Throughout the Lemonade Day program, youth learn important financial aspects such as setting goals, budgeting, expenses, revenue, paying back investors, branding, marketing, and more. For more information about Lemonade Day and their program, visit their website www.lemonadeday.org.