Prioritizing your personal fitness for your mind, health, and body.

Updated: Mar 24

Your personal fitness is not all about how good you look, but it's what it can do for your health and mind also which many are now relying on, including Development Group Five founder, Glen Burton.

Physical fitness for me has played an important part of my life for the best part of the past 30-years. Starting as a young boy as I prepared to face the rigors of Army Basic Training, I became disciplined and ensure that I was able to keep a good level of fitness in my life, it felt good to be in shape.

With that said, it was only in more recent years where I learned how important the physical aspect was benefiting my mind, and rather than focusing on how good I might look, I was tapping into something far greater which was a positive mind through my physical development.

This is not something that many think of, and as we approach the summer months and with Covid rules becoming more relaxed, many will be hitting the gym hard to get their body's looking good ready for some beach and pool time. Rather than focus on how good you look on the outside though, consider making your mind the priority and learn how to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

“Any form of fitness is commendable, but if you focus on developing your mind through your physical development, you'll start to see results in more ways than one which you'll grow to rely on..”

Whether you're going for a morning walk or hitting the gym, you should class it as a small win for yourself and those wins add up. They are personal accomplishments that you can be proud of, irrelevant of what time of the day you do it. The key is to maintain self-discipline and ensure that you keep hitting those small wins.

We have people come to our company to help them understand some key fundamentals that they can learn and adapt as they incorporate physical exercise into their routines. We focus on aspects that aren't all about how many push ups they can do or how far and fast they can run, without the right mindset their ability is restricted, so we focus heavily on motivating people to be the best that they can be through pushing themselves beyond what they are used to.

You can do the same but it's not something you need to rush. Take the time to set yourself some physical goals and keep moving forward to achieve them through the small wins I mentioned. You can do it but it is ultimately your choice whether or not you have the strength of mind to step out of your comfort zone for a healthy mind and body.