Leadership talk to the Headquarter staff of 4th Infantry Brigade in the UK.

Updated: Mar 24

With a focus on leadership, Development Group Five Founder, Glen Burton, shared his journey to date with those present and provided an inspirational talk which captivated those in attendance.

From his decision making in joining the Army himself as a young 16-year old to spending time on operations in Northern Ireland and Bosnia, many of those listening could related to the ups and the downs.

Glen also talked about what made him move into the field of Close Protection and how he was inspired to be the very best that he could be. The positive feedback that followed Glen's talk was something that he takes a lot of pride from, and as Glen say's in his book, "If my journey, life choices and risk taking can help other's, then that'll do me."

"It's been an absolute pleasure speaking with the Staff of 4 Brigade at Catterick Garrison this morning. Thank you to my good friend, Regimental Sergeant Major (WO1) Lee Westerman for inviting me. Lee and I served together and I took him under my wing when he joined the Battalion. An absolute gem who has been polished into an outstanding soldier since our time together."

Thank you also to Brigadier Olly Brown and the Chief of Staff, as well as those who were in attendance. Respect and thank you all for your service, as well as the great civvy support staff for the valuable role you carry out."

If you are interested in us speaking to your team or at a special event, please contact us by sending an email to info@devgroupfive.com.