Introducing our new corporate team building mission 'Hidden Sparrow'.

Updated: Mar 24

When you look at people who have reached their peak performance in their discipline, whether in work, athletics, or art, they all have certain characteristics, traits, habits and mindsets in common. Certainly, these people came into their discipline with some talent, but to reach true peak performance these characteristics have to be taught and trained. Are you ready to raise the performance in your life? Do you desire to achieve more personally and professionally? Do you want to be a better leader and teammate?

Glen Burton and his staff at Development Group Five invite you to their one-of-a-kind real-life experience called 'Hidden Sparrow'. In this simulation, you and your team will be dropped into a location in the middle of “enemy territory.” Together, you will navigate through obstacles and situations to find a downed helicopter with an injured pilot. Once located, the pilot will need to be carried out to the extraction point, but remember that you’re behind enemy lines, so you need to move stealthily and communicate with each other well, time and decision making are key to mission success.

During this mission, Glen and his team will focus on specific points of performance. It is these very points that when acquired and honed, will bring you and your team to the next level of performance. They are:

  1. Personal Development: There are only two things you can control in your life, your attitude and your work ethic. That’s it. During the simulation, you will have to focus on your contribution to the team. Controlling the chaos within while the chaos is swirling around you is the ultimate expression of self-control.

  2. Team Development: Sacrificing self for the betterment of the team. Here you will learn how to function as one unit. Your breathing and steps will all be in sync. How to work off of each other and playing on each other’s strengths is how the most elite teams operate. Glen has first-hand experience with this and will share and teach those methods of becoming an elite team.

  3. Leadership Development: In life, there are leaders and followers. You need both to function optimally. One also needs to be a leader worthy of being followed. What makes a good leader? Hidden Sparrow will teach you the who, what and how of effective leadership.

  4. Physical Development: Optimal performance is all-encompassing. It is the perfect combination of mind, body, spirit. Your body is what carries you through the day. Develop it as the finest machine ever created. It has also been proven that there is a distinct connection between physical and psychological strength. Developing one will enhance the other. And when you can tolerate physical pain, you become mentally stronger.

Glen has assembled a team from different walks of life to enhance your experience. The members of his team have all lived and executed at the highest levels of their respective fields. Together, they bring all the knowledge, skills and experience that will motivate and inspire you to achieve your peak performance. We are ready to join you on this adventure. Are you ready and willing to do the work? Come find out what you are made of. And ask yourself two questions. The first, “What will happen if I do this?” The second, “How will I feel a year from now if I am in the same place I am today?” That should scare you. Let us help you be better than you ever have before. We welcome you to the family that is DG5.