Being a teen or young adult can be a challenging experience in today’s world.

Updated: Aug 25

I get it, life can be hard and the pressure placed upon you can often lead you to shut down where you feel like blocking everything out. You're a teenager or young adult, you're learning to navigate and absorb so much but all too often you let things get to you, lashing out may even be your stress reliever. Know this though - Irrelevant of age or life circumstance, you aren't alone, it can get to us all.

Perhaps you have personal challenges, you don't get on with your parents or siblings, you don't have a big circle of friends and you've adopted a loner mentality. Again, you aren't alone, but you do have control of how your life plays out from this point forward. Always remember that - you have control. You can let life itself suck you up and spit you out when it's ready to, or you can take the necessary steps to build yourself into a well rounded person who not only sets goals but lays out a plan to pursue them. You have one life, it's a precious gift so do all you can to turn into a favorable life for you, one where you grow to become the best you can be, and that means making personal adjustments in your day to day life and relationships with other people.

As a Certified Professional Coach, I primarily work with teenagers and young adults and help them to overcome obstacles for them to grow and flourish, but it's a relationship that requires my students to meet me in the middle, in other words they must want to initiate the change, not have it forced upon them. All too often I see the struggles that many face, fighting with their brother or sister, not being able to concentrate at school, a breakdown in a relationship with their parents, but it is all retrievable, and once that is understood then it's time to shine because ultimately that's what we should all be doing, regardless of age or background.

I have a passion for coaching and mentoring teenagers and young adults because I understand the complexities they face, and I take joy from helping them overcome the challenges faced to bring about a more wide reaching level of success for them. Young people of the next generation are in a very unique place in life. Amidst balancing societal pressures, these teens and young adults have become overwhelmed by the expectations placed upon them by their school, parents, teachers, friendships and most of all, by themselves.

Being a teen or young adult is a challenging, volatile experience in today’s society, especially when doing it alone. With that said, there can often be sibling issues which parents often find to be challenging, that's where I come in and offer an unbiased level of support to help get the individual or those involved, and help take them to a place that is unique to them, but far more rewarding to where they currently are.

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