Reality based adventure through dynamic activities and scenarios that take your team out of their comfort zone.

You'll have the opportunity to play the role of spy or soldier and be put through scenarios that take you out of your comfort zone and away from your normal routine, but you'll need to adapt to your new one quickly. When you take on one of our missions, you'll need good communication, you'll be working as part of a team, overcome challenges and come up with well thought through strategies, all elements of what our military encounter on operations. Failure to be effective with any of the above could see you encountering mission fail, and that is not an option.


A team engagement and leadership development program based on real-world experiences.

You and your team will have an enormous amount of fun as you test yourself in real-world situations that you may not have experienced before, but there are many learning elements and a serious side to each mission that we host. When it came to defining the missions that we host, our team took a thoughtful and deliberate approach in making sure they were as real as they get, but above all, where you learn key skills and principles as you take in the challenges ahead of you. You and your team will learn to work as a cohesive unit where mission success is your ultimate goal, but you've got to work together to achieve it.


Reality based missions for groups, teams, families and companies.


Building confidence, enhancing teamwork and unity.


Leadership and decision making in pressured environments.


Confidence building through fun and engaging missions.


Stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve mission success.

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Key learning components that
business teams take onboard.

Each one of our missions have been deliberately developed to teach business teams new skills and experiences that can be taken back to the office. Placing you in a highly pressurized environment, we'll teach you leadership, where you'll need to make effective decisions for your team as you navigate the complexities presented to you.


Each member of the team will require good communication as you face obstacles and roadblocks as you strive for mission success. You'll need to step out of your comfort zone and become strategically minded, thinking on your feet as the pressure mounts, all while working as a solid team player.

Does your team have what it takes for Mission Command?

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You've arrived at the briefing location with your small team, the situation is real, it's dynamic, and it's sure to be nerve racking, but here's the situation: You and your team are responsible for going behind enemy lines to rescue a pilot who was shot down only a short time earlier. You don't know if they've been captured or hiding out, all you know is the area of the aircraft's last known location, and you need to get there as soon as possible. Stealth and speed are key as is communication and thoughtful planning, but you and your team must think and act wisely, as there are enemy troops patrolling the area and on high alert.

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Here you'll need to hustle your way through a demanding but fun course, where you and your partner are up against other teams competing to become the first team at the end to unravel the puzzle, but first you've got to make your way around the course and overcome various challenges. At the start line, you'll be given your first clue and you must then determine the area of where you need to get to, once there you must locate your clue as well as an attached letter, these will provide information of where you're next clue will be and so on. At the end you need to unravel all the letters collected and get the correct word.

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You and your team suddenly find yourselves in a remote location with only a few basic items in your possession as you need to make it across the terrain. You have no money or any way of communicating with the outside world, and you have no idea where you are, but you need to start thinking and communicating with each other quickly. Hot on your trail is a hunter force looking for you, they've got tracker dogs and drones and will use their skills to hunt you down. The last thing you and your team need is to alert them as to your whereabouts, you must think and make decisions that really matter so that you don't get caught.

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Rendezvous, developed by a former staff member of the 13-time Emmy Award Winning Reality Show 'The Amazing Race', is done in pairs as you intently compete against others to reach 12 checkpoints. As you set off, you are given a basic map to reach the first checkpoint and the location of your first mission. Once you've completed the mission presented to you, you'll receive a clue as to the location of the next checkpoint and so on. Rendezvous requires confidence, teamwork, determination and agility for you to succeed as you and your partner overcome each objective to complete the challenge and move forward together as a team.