Development Group Five


For a good leader to succeed, one must make decisions that have a positive impact on his or herself, and, if need be, a team or company.

As a leader, you might spend a lot of time focusing on external factors — processes, people, targets, and growth of the company. You may be constantly trying to shape and influence these external factors to bring you and your team closer to your goals and objectives. But how often as an individual and a leader do you spend time focusing on you? By focusing on you and acting upon strong personal leadership traits for yourself, you will become more productive, knowledgeable, and focused if you spend more time on yourself and less time focusing on all the external factors.

No good leader assumes they know everything, and the best ones always surround themselves with incredible talent.

To lead from the front doesn’t always mean that you run in first. It means that whomever is running in first knows exactly what they need to accomplish, why they are doing it, and mostly that you have their back. Leadership is a matter of perspective and of self-development, it is executed effectively through so many key elements that all start with you as an individual.


Leadership planning and team delegation coaching.


Reality based decision making in pressurized environments.


Workshops and seminars on effective leadership methods.


Leading from the front through activity based learning.


Overcoming team problems with proactive solutions.


2-Day Potential Leaders Workshop

Leadership may be new to you or you may become earmarked for a leadership position within your company. This 2-day workshop will provide you with a solid platform of leadership learning based on real world experiences from the battlefield to the boardroom 

2-Day Leadership Alignment Workshop

Our 2-day Leadership Alignment Workshop enables you to learn new methods and ideas to help align your current leadership skills with new methods which will be useful to you. This is an engaging workshop where you'll learn from other leaders in a similar field to you.


2-Day Leadership Challenge Workshop

This 2-day workshop challenges leaders and places them in high pressure scenarios both in the classroom and outdoors, where they are tested on their leadership, decision making, as well as strategic thinking as they strive to achieve mission success as a leader. 

No good leader assumes they know everything, and the best ones always surround themselves with incredible talent.

Leadership is not just for those with their own office or who have several fancy certificates hanging on the wall. Leadership is not just for those with the title “Chief” or “Vice President.” The reality is that leadership happens in a variety of different contexts, including in the self-context, and at every level of an organization.

You are the CEO of your life, irrelevant of age or professional position, you hold that powerful title and are representing your most important asset and that is yourself, your wellbeing, and your ability to be the best that you can be. You should grow within yourself and in leading others, and demonstrate your confidence by leading from the front always.