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We deliver impactful and insightful talks that are designed to be motivating, inspiring, and educational. 

Do you like to be inspired and motivated? DEVGROUPFIVE keynotes and talks are tailored to your team, group, or company needs and are driven by unmatched qualities that will inspire and motivate your audience. We focus on leadership, decision-making, teamwork and communication, where individually and collectively, you’ll learn core skills gained from the battlefield to the boardroom.


Through our impactful keynotes, we provide the audience with a wide range of skill sets that our people have honed in the military, law enforcement, and private sector. Transferring what we’ve gained from around the world, these skills equip you to make an immediate and lasting impact on individual and team success where we encourage you to be the best that you can be through our life lessons and experiences.


We are not story tellers, but we do bring aspects of our careers to help inspire you to go beyond where you take onboard the resilience and determination that we use to keep pushing forward for mission success, regardless of difficulties and challenges.


We are renowned for being impactful motivators who help individuals and teams go beyond their limitations. This is not only applied in the field, but also in the classroom or auditorium, motivating you through real world scenarios.


We believe in team engagement and we encourage the audience to engage with our speakers both before, during, and after our keynotes. We do not just deliver a talk but also an opportunity for everyone to engage with us and others too.


Leadership talk to the Headquarter staff of

4th Infantry Brigade, United Kingdom.

We focus on captivating your audience through impactful talks that are designed to help you go beyond and be the best that you can be. The talks are fun and engaging, but the real world stories and experiences we discuss help you to learn key skills that will motivate and inspire you.

Inspiration - Our speakers bring deliver moments that will leave an impact on you and your team as you are immersed in the stories being told.

Motivation - This is where we excel as renowned motivators and we take the audience to a place where they are striving for success always.

Resilience - Our speakers discuss the importance of resilience and how they have used it to their gain through difficulties and challenges.

Teamwork - This is something that we believe is fundamental when it comes to achieving mission success within any business unit or company.

Leadership - Our speakers have led international operations and worked with some of the most influential leaders in the world today.



Keynotes that help you achieve mission success

Our keynote presenters have dominated at the highest level of their profession in the military, law enforcement, and private sector, and bring a wealth of experience from each individual background. Whether you are a small group or a department team, they can come to your location and deliver an exceptional talk that will motivate and inspire you.

If you are interested in having DEVGROUPFIVE speak to your team, group or company, or would like to learn more about our keynotes and some of the topics which we cover, please reach out to us and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with further information about how we can have an impact on your audience.

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