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Our corporate team building is focused on the provision of key skills that help your team work as one cohesive unit all working towards the same objective.

Successful teams thrive on ‘enabling conditions’ such as a shared mindset and a common understanding and identity. So, making corporate training and team-building central to your company’s long-term strategy is important. With DEVGROUPFIVE, you’ll learn what it takes to be the best – working in unity and a wide horizon, to achieve your goals while developing together as a team.


We remind your teams how important it is to work as an effective unit, and what positive impact this has to not only themselves but also to the success of the company. Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people who are all going in the same direction striving to achieve mission success together, we give you the tools and skills to help you achieve that.

We create an environment that encourages teamwork, trust, unity, communication, as well as an unwavering focus.

When you come to DEVGROUPFIVE, you’ll be a part of something unique and special, testing yourself and each other while you work through an array of engaging tasks and challenges. You’ll feel an enormous sense pf pride and purpose as you progress through the opportunities presented to you, and find that inner strength to not only push yourself, but your team too. This is a great chance to excel, learn, and lead, while uniting and bonding with your team members.


Team building and dynamic engagement activities.


Reality based missions in pressurized environments.


Team dynamics and fundamentals workshops and seminars.


Leading from the front activity based leadership training. 


Team Planning Exercises (PLANEX) for strategic thinking & communication.


Key training designed to benefit business teams

Being immersed in high-pressure scenarios can often become an ongoing consequence for those in business, but we’ll put you in pressure situations of a different kind where you’ll feel a deep sense of purpose to succeed. The enemy are closing in, you don’t know where you are, you’ve got to make good decisions, and you need to lead your team through a journey that may prove problematic unless you focus and maintain your nerve. Not all of our programs are in the field however, and you'll be tested just as much in the classroom where you'll need to think through some demanding activities and scenarios.

Developing business teams to be aligned and in sync is something we take pride in, bringing a new found level of energy and an unmatched togetherness and bonding.

Team interaction and initiatives are key to individual, team, department and company success, so we give you the platform to build on and excel in all that you do together, to work as a tight knit unit where collaborating to achieve mission success is your goal. Team unity has played a crucial role in our successes as individuals as well as now as we work together to help individuals and teams fire on all cylinders, where everyone is working to the same goal.


Introducing our team engagement planning exercise (PLANEX), notoriously one of the toughest stages of the British Army Officer selection process.

Whether you are looking for a fun team-building day at the office, or if you'd like to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your team, our PLANEX is for you. Your team will be put under considerable pressure as they work together during this time sensitive team challenge. Every minute matters during this intense and thought provoking activity that is designed to push your team to their mental limits. Your team’s attention to detail, communication, prioritizing, and decision making skills will be tested during our PLANEX activity. While working with your team in the office, your hearts (and minds) will be racing by the end of it. Will you and your team make the right decisions? Or will it end in mission fail?

Prior to the start, we will hold a briefing of the task at hand. Then, divided into teams of 3-4 people, you will be given your assignment along with 45-minutes to work through its objectives. After the 45-minutes have passed, our proctor will lead a debrief of the PLANEX results through a discussion based format that will facilitate both learning and growth for all participants. This PLANEX will benefit your team by enhancing their teamwork, communication, strategic thinking, and thought processing abilities. We are confident your team has never experienced anything like this before. With an assortment of PLANEX's, we are able to host half and full day events with a focus solely on PLANEX tasks for your team to take on.

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