Teaching, mentoring, encouraging, and empowering children and teens to become confident, respectful, and self determined leaders of tomorrow.

Confidence is created, courage is found, and friendships are made in our DG5 for Kids programs. Every child will be encouraged and participate in a positive manner so they can learn and grow together to become the warriors that are within them. Whether you are part of a sports club, nonprofit organization, social club, youth club, school or anything in between, we would love the opportunity to host an event for you.

Overcoming challenges, working together, and growing as an individual are some of the key life lessons our DG5 Kids curriculum focuses on. Through immersive missions, thought provoking activities, and impactful talks and workshops........


We create an environment that encourages teamwork, trust, team spirit, communication, as well as an unwavering focus.

We create an environment that fosters enthusiasm, _______, ______, and self betterment. Our instructors create a welcoming environment for all participating in our programs so that each child gains a positive and impactful experience no matter the activity.


Dynamic team events and challenges.


Unique and memorable activities.


Engaging activities and games.


Life lessons and discipline learning.


Parent and kid joint adventures

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Interactive talks, games, and workshops

Whether you are wanting to have a fun team-building day at the office, or if you are wanting to truly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the team, our PLANEX is for you. Your team will be put under considerable pressure as they work together during this time sensitive team challenge. Every minute matters during this intense and thought provoking activity that is designed to push your team to their mental limits. Your team’s attention to detail, communication, prioritizing, and decision making skills will be tested during our PLANEX activity. While working with your team in the office, your hearts (and minds) will be racing by the end of it. Will you and your team make the right decisions? Or will it end in mission fail?

Prior to the start, we will hold a briefing of the task at hand. Then, divided into teams of 3-4 people, you will be given your assignment along with 45-minutes to work through its objectives. After the 45-minutes have passed, our proctor will lead a debrief of the PLANEX results through a discussion based format that will facilitate both learning and growth for all participants. This PLANEX will benefit your team by enhancing their teamwork, communication, strategic thinking, and thought processing abilities. We are confident your team has never experienced anything like this before. With an assortment of PLANEX's, we are able to host half and full day events with a focus solely on PLANEX tasks for your team to take on.

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Parent Kid Joint Adventures

Prepare to __________ as you complete one of our Parent Kid Adventures. Whether it is a dynamic mission command event, a hike, or ____
both parents and kids will gain important takeaways that will benefit them in their every day life. 


Whether you are a parent, guardian, team coach, teacher, or _______ you are welcome to 

Development Group Five

When it comes to developing business teams, we focus on a collective team spirit that is all about team engagement and interaction, solving problems and identifying solutions to achieve mission success.