Taking you beyond what you
thought you could achieve.

We work with with you to improve your performance, increase your motivation, and promote a winner's mindset which enables productivity in everything you do, both individually and as a team.

Development Group Five offers a blend of former military and business experience to deliver a unique approach to helping people and teams grow. We'll give you the knowledge, mindset and tools to achieve mission success in all that you do, where you’ll become resilient and unyielding as you close in on your goals and objectives. We use military approaches, themes and training techniques to help individuals and teams align their strategies and goals. We are an elite team with an elite offering, and we work with you to ensure you are always moving forward where you're pushing ahead with determination and a clear focus.


When you come to Development Group Five, you'll meet a dedicated, professional team, bringing a wealth of expertise to help you become the best that you can be. Uniquely, each member of our team holds the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) qualification and bring a broad range of varied experiences from the military and private sectors. These key competencies enable you to gain maximum benefits including leadership development, effective communication skills, teamwork and team bonding, confidence building, as well as many other tools that you can learn and use in all that you want to succeed in.

We all need a 'why', but for the team at DG5, our 'why' is through our passion and purpose - and that is developing others to be the best version of themselves.

We are renowned leaders, motivators and mentors, and you'll find working with us is both fun and educational. We are dedicated to helping you improve elements of your day to day life where you're reaching your goals and objectives, and we incorporate key skills to help you or your team work together in a clear and focused manner as one tight-knit unit to achieve success. 


We take pride in ensuring that the quality of our services surpasses your expectations. This is helped by the caliber of people that work with us and the vast experience and knowledge that they bring to our company. When we say that we are a company for everyone, we truly mean it and are able to adapt our teaching, speaking and coaching style to all types of characters, individuals, groups and teams.

A note from


Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

I am delighted to welcome you to Development Group Five.

The company was created to provide individuals, teams and groups with a unique level of training and coaching as well as dynamic adventure programs where you'll be taken out of your comfort zone. You'll learn key fundamental skills that will help you reach your life and career objectives, while pushing yourself beyond what you thought possible as you learn and grow. 


The Development Group Five concept first came to my mind whilst trekking through the Amazon Jungle a number of years ago, it was a 4-month trip that took in Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. I'd been contacted by a notable family in New York whose 21-year-old son would be traveling alone throughout these regions. The family were concerned about his well-being in traveling to unfamiliar regions, so they asked me to accompany him what with my military and global security background. 


He came from a privileged lifestyle with money in abundance and was planning to go to one of the most exclusive universities in the world, while I grew up on a tough housing estate in the North East of England, and with prospects low for school leavers, I'd decided to join the Army as a young boy. We were two very different people with opposite backgrounds, but it was my experiences as a mentor and coach as well as some dynamic activities with him, that brought Development Group Five to life.


You have so much to gain from coming to our company, but the most satisfying thing that my team and I take from what we do, is when we know we've made a positive difference in people’s lives. On behalf of myself and the Development Group Five team, we hope to get to know you in person and working with you, to be the best version of you that you can be always.



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From an idea to a dream

It was through a unique opportunity that brought the DG5 idea to life, where personal development became a primary focus. 



Let greatness begin

Following 3-years of concept planning, Development Group Five was established as a business in Houston, Texas.