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We share the mental and physical discipline used by elite military and law enforcement personnel to empower you to go beyond your limitations.

Any great business is driven by a driving force that propels the vision and excellence in delivery for it to succeed, and since our initial inception, DEVGROUPFIVE provides a level of service that is unique and unmatched when it comes to developing people and business teams. Ultimately, this is our passion and highlights why we place such an emphasis on the people who work and represent us as a company. They believe in what we do and why we do it, and understand fully why we use 'Forward Thinking, Forward Progress' as our mantra.

The idea behind Development Group Five, known as DEVGROUPFIVE, came about some years ago when in 2012, the founder was asked to independently run a team building course for a small business team. With an impactful program being put together, obtaining feedback from those who participated, as well as his enjoyment of helping the team become more united, the concept started to take shape with a focus on dynamic training programs for individuals and teams.


Glen Burton, founder at DEVGROUPFIVE, talks about what our company does, the benefits you'll gain, as well as the collective passion we have in delivering training, challenges, and team building programs that are like nothing you will have experienced before.

When you come to DEVGROUPFIVE, you'll soon see that we are different. We take pride in delivering excellence by challenging you to be the best that you can be, immersing you in situations which you will learn and grow from. We bring engaging and dynamic programs that will test your resilience, courage, determination, confidence, and your willingness to overcome obstacles whether they be in the classroom or in a remote environment. 


We have a passion for what we do, working with
individuals and teams to help them be the best they can be.

DEVGROUPFIVE are renowned leaders, motivators, and mentors, and you'll find working with us to be both fun and educational. We will challenge you and put you in high pressure situations  where you need to think and act, but we will also help you navigate each challenge and help you make good decisions. We will encourage you and help unite your team where each member has inclusion in each activity, and we will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can benefit and learn from, combining our years of experience to bring dynamic training and encouragement.


An elite team of likeminded leaders

Through our leadership and collective experiences in some of the world’s most challenging environments, in our time together we strive to equip you with the mind and skill sets you will need to function optimally in complex and demanding situations. Because our methodical training content pivots around communicating decades’ worth of lessons we have learned, it will serve you well in every aspect of your life.

Bringing training to your location

To enable us to provide training, team building, and challenges across a wide geographic reach, it was important that we created a mobile training team who can take our services to your location. Regardless of where you are, we can present you with a suitable option that allows you and your teams to benefit from what we do while staying in a familiar environment. Maybe you're interested in our missions or endurance challenges and have a group wanting to participate, just let us know your location and needs and we'll look at the environment and what we can offer. 



There are so many companies who offer training and team building programs so we knew we had to be different with our service offering. That is why we took a deliberate approach during the planning phase to slow the formation of Development Group Five down where it became a methodical and thoughtful process, seeking feedback from individuals and teams while looking at what could really benefit people to go above and beyond. It was important that we as a company started off on the right footing and we could only do that by ensuring we were delivering something that was different but rewarding. Developing people and teams through our five core values is the reason behind our name, and we bring together vast experiences to enable an offering that is leaves a lasting impact on those who come to us. 


What we do is unique and it's great to see it take shape where learning, engagement, and adventure are at the forefront of our services, delivered by a team of knowledgable professionals who bring real world experiences and insights to everything that we do. The most pleasing thing for me and the team though is being able to interact with people who want to push themselves beyond their limitations. They take on a no matter what attitude and whether individually or collectively as a team, they grow in confidence where the hardest of challenges become that little bit easier, making progress each and every time. DEVGROUPFIVE demands the very best from you, we'll encourage and support throughout, but you've got to give it all you've got whether it be mentally or physically, in the classroom or in the field. 

We hope to have an opportunity of helping you go beyond what you thought possible.


Glen Burton

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