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DEVGROUPFIVE (Development Group Five) is the driving force

behind people, leaders, and teams, who strive for mission success.

This is the moment you decide to be better, to push yourself forward and be the best version of yourself that you can be. This is when you learn you can exceed your limits both mentally and physically, as an individual and as part of a team. The knowledge, skills and tools you learn here will continue developing organically and enhance every aspect of your life, where you excel in all that you do.


We provide individuals, groups and teams with an exceptional level of training, challenges, and workshops as well as dynamic adventure through our reality-based Mission Command. Our approach in everything we do ensures that when you invest your time and effort with us, you will move forward with improved mental and physical performance driven by a committed determination to be the best that you can be.


This is where you have the chance to push yourself beyond your limitations. We offer life coaching, physical training, endurance  challenges, and dynamic adventures for you to learn, grow, and propel yourself to be the best that you can be.


We have an exciting portfolio of team building programs that teaches key skills and builds cohesiveness. Whether it's in the classroom or in the field, this is an engaging opportunity where all participants will bond, unite, and have fun.


We work with companies to help define their strategic goals and business objectives where mid to senior management are on the same page through think tanks and leadership programs that are driven by our knowledge and experiences.

The World Over

With offices on 3 continents and a mobile training group, we can host your team or travel to your location.


Training / Retreat Site


What We Do

Go Beyond Your Limitations

What exactly are your limitations? They may be physical or even mental, you may be in a comfort zone and struggle to break out of it. You may be an employee or a business owner who wants to unleash your true potential, you may be a group or a business team who want to engage and challenge yourselves more. Your limitations are the barriers that have held you back, but now is your time to go beyond them, this is your opportunity to think more, do more, and achieve more.


We know what it takes to achieve Mission Success

As leaders of elite military teams and tactical law enforcement units, we’ve excelled in some of the most difficult, dangerous, and challenging environments over the past thirty-years. We learned key skills and methods that enabled us to keep pushing forward through each mission as we adopted a no matter what attitude. Some of the key skills we learned can be applied to help you grow as an individual or business team, where you become fully aligned with your objectives for you to achieve mission success. 

Our FIVE CORE VALUES for helping individuals and teams operate at maximum efficiency and peak performance.

DEVGROUPFIVE will take you outside of your comfort zone and beyond your previous experiences. Our five core values  are 100% focused on enabling your growth towards being the best that you can be, as an individual and as a team. In all of our programs, training, and challenges, we focus on key traits that help strengthen a forward thinking, forward progress' mindset that are driven by the five values that we promote.


Courage - You'll have the opportunity to show courage, to step out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges that are unfamiliar to you.


Character - It's important in our training, adventures, and challenges to show that you have the character to go beyond your limitations.


Adaptability - How well you adjust to problems and challenges that are in your path and how you create alternatives to overcome them.


Resilience - The ability to quickly recover from obstacles and challenges that you may be facing to allow you to overcome them.


Leadership - You'll learn to have the confidence in yourself to make the right decisions to successfully lead not only you but others as-well.


Drone in the air,
remain undetected.

Supply cache which

you must locate.

Hiding spot, a hunter

force is closing in.

Extraction point is

5 miles away.



Vehicle approaching,

get into cover.


Open ground, don't

be exposed.


As well as participating in our Mission Command, you can also test your mental and physical ability with our dynamic endurance challenges. Developed by the former Director of Security for the 13-time Emmy award winning 'The Amazing Race', each challenge will demand everything you've got.



This is where we find out how you deal with intense pressure while working solo and sometimes competing against others, where you are faced with demanding challenges that will require everything you've got. Resilience is designed to physically and mentally strip you right back to the core where only the most determined will pass. The Directing Staff (DS) will take you through demanding and unforgiving situations where your mental and physical ability will be tested like never before through a series of pressurized tasks that will push you beyond your limitations. One failed task or challenge and you're out.



This endurance challenge will test you to your limits as you and your partner make your way over demanding terrain while facing a number of military style obstacles. Above all things tested will be your determination and how you are able to push through the difficult situations you'll find yourselves in. This will also challenge your leadership, strategic thinking, communication, as well as your endurance ability as you attempt to reach the finish line many miles away, but first you need to complete each challenge presented to you and your partner where you need to work together as a team. The clock is ticking.



Rendezvous is designed to place you in a situation where time, decision making, quick thinking, and endurance really count. Working with a partner, you'll be racing against other teams in an unfamiliar environment where you must locate each of the 10 clue caches spread out miles apart. Locating a cache isn't enough though as once you arrive, you must complete a challenge and decipher the clue before moving off to the next cache. The pressure will mount as teams close in on you and you close in on them, but one wrong decision or a delay in attempting a challenge, could set you on the wrong course and you lose your way.


A teaser trailer for Mission Command where suspense, intrigue, pressure and decision making are all involved as you work with your team to achieve mission success as one cohesive unit. 

Operating at peak performance has been essential for each member of our team throughout our careers. Now is your time to incorporate more physical activity and have the feel good factor.

How the idea for Mission Command originated and an insight into the various missions available for teams, where they work together to achieve their objectives by working together.

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